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5 Lead Generation Tips for Your Next Marketing Campaign

Written By Burton Moss - 2017-03-06 14:00:00

Years ago, generating leads was one of the most difficult tasks to perform. Cold calling, expensive marketing budgets and endless research were the primary chores to perform.

Years later, generating leads is still hard to do. However, thanks to the Internet, the world is your oyster. In other words, you have multiple avenues to explore to get those leads for your firm, especially when you are on a tight budget.

The purpose of your marketing campaign – content marketing, social media outreach or video advertising – is to generate leads and attract attention to your brand. In today's digital landscape, the abundance of leads is ubiquitous, but you just have to know how to grab those leads.

A stellar marketing plan consists of measures to employ to generate leads. Without a thorough idea to capture their attention, produce interest and encourage consumers to buy your product or service then your business won't get very far. As you execute your next marketing campaign, it must be all about the leads, a concerted efforts to build imperative momentum.

Here are five lead generation tips for your next marketing campaign:

📈 Tip 1: The Basic Steps of Lead Generation

Prior to diving head first into your enthusiastic marketing endeavour, you need to first comprehend the lead generation process. The funnel begins with traffic and continues on towards landing page, lead nurturing, value-adding content and high-quality leads.

Once you utilize this funnel as your blueprint in your marketing plan then you will succeed.

📈 Tip 2: Engage with Your Audience

Engagement is always key in any marketing initiative, particularly in the 21st century.

Prior to the digital age, it would be immensely difficult to actually communicate directly with your audience. Fast forward to the present, brands have every opportunity to speak with their customers and interested prospects. Social media, for instance, is just one marketing tool for every business – large or small – that can complement your engagement tactics. Send shout outs to those complimenting your brand, answer inquiries from potential clients and tweet out news. You can learn more about the importance and impact of social media at Hootsuite.

📈 Tip 3: Trendy vs. Trending - What Should You do?

Just because a different type of platform is trending it doesn't mean it will be trendy tomorrow.

For years, the primary modes of advertising have been television, radio and now the Internet. When it comes to the Internet, you can look underneath the surface and find a plethora of gimmicks. Search engine optimization (SEO) is crucial for every company, but there is a growing trend called voice search, which some gurus will be important.

This may be trending now, but will be trendy five years from now? Perhaps not.

📈 Tip 4: Email Marketing is Not Dead

It has long been said that email is dead, and that anyone who dabs in the field of email marketing is wasting their time and resources. Oh, really? Then how come businesses are witnesses a return on investment (ROI) of 3,800 percent? That's because email marketing is surviving and thriving.

Email marketing is possibly one of the top three marketing tools to incorporate into your strategy to generate leads.

Although you do have to invest in building your email list, once you have a great number of subscribers then you can send them newsletters, special offers, thank you notes and the list goes on. Email marketing should play a major part in every single marketing campaign around. You can learn more about email lead generation at the Clickback website.

📈 Tip 5: Social Commerce, or How Word of Mouth is in the 21st Century

Back in the day, small businesses would survive on word of mouth. Nancy would tell Jenny about some great little company down the street that sells desserts. Jenny would go to the store and buy a cake. After finding out how divine the desserts are, Jenny would tell Joan and Joan would tell Annie and it would continue.

Today, it has been somewhat updated. Social commerce is a key term in the modern environment: it consists of social media and user contributions that encourage others to buy products and services. If a company is selling a type of vacuum cleaner and John Smith praises the product on Twitter or Facebook then this will be seen by others online.

This is why some marketers will say that John Smith is far more valuable for brands on social media than LeBron James.

Although the objective is the same, the way to generate leads is different today than in 1988.

Lead generation doesn't have to cost you a penny. There are numerous free tools and services you can exploit to nab potential customers. Whether it is white-hat SEO methods or social media, companies can generate leads in 2017 with the right marketing plan on a skimp budget.

Concentrate on the funnel process and you'll be able to excel!

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