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Before Your Plastic Surgery: 5 Preparation Tips

Written By Jaclyn Peters - 2017-02-09 14:00:00

Plastic surgery is no longer just for the elites and the affluent. Due to advancements made in technology and the surging demand by people all over the world, plastic surgery can be experienced by anyone, and you don't have to break the bank account to afford it either.

With that being said, just because plastic surgery is more affordable and the technology employed is far more advanced than even a decade ago, it doesn't mean that you can't prepare.

Everything from rhinoplasty to a breast augmentation, there are numerous steps that you must take in order to be fully ready for a day in plastic surgery. By incorporating these measures into your routine prior to being put under anesthesia, you will ensure your surgery is a success.

You shouldn't worry, though: the precautionary steps aren't rigorous or difficult to perform.

Here are five preparation tips before your plastic surgery:

Tip 1 | Make Sure that You're Fully Healthy

If there is one thing that you must make certain it is ensuring that you're fully healthy.

Should you come down with a cold or a flu, a serious injury or some other type of illness, you must inform your plastic surgeon and schedule another appointment. The reason why this is important is because a stronger immune system can speed up your recovery from plastic surgery.

Tip 2 | Undergo a Physical Exam Before Surgery

Akin to ensuring you're fully healthy, you should certainly undergo a physical exam.

By confirming that everything under the hood is fully functioning and healthy, you forego any potential risk to plastic surgery. This will consist of blood tests, urine tests, x-rays and all other types of endeavours that you experience throughout a physical examination by your doctor.

The reason this is imperative is because you can't have plastic surgery if you have heart problems, abnormal blood sugar levels and other serious matters under your skin. has more information about the procedures if you need additional resources.

Tip 3 | Modify Your Diet Weeks in Advance

Let's say that your plastic surgery is scheduled three months from now. Well, this means that you have several weeks to overhaul your diet and ensure that you are receiving all of the necessary vitamins and nutrients. It will also give you plenty of time to scale back on your smoking and consumption of alcohol. Three months is an adequate period to modify your entire diet.

Tip 4 | Consume Plenty of Water

One of the best things you can do, not just for your plastic surgery but for your overall health, is to drink a lot of water throughout your day.

Indeed, there is a reason why water is called the nectar of the gods.

The first thing you should do when you wake up in the morning is drink one litre of water. As the day goes by, make sure that you are drinking water all the time, especially after lunch and following a can of soda or a cup of coffee. You should avoid dehydration at all times. For additional insights, Authority Nutrition has listed seven scientific benefits for drinking water.

Tip 5 | The Night Before Your Surgery

Here you are: the night before your surgery. You are anxious, you are thinking of all the things that could possibly go wrong and you are so nervous that you can't sleep. We've all been there.

In order to circumvent any negative and overwhelming feelings, you must take a deep breath, put on some classical music and relax in a bath with lavender. Afterwards, be sure to take a nice hot shower with antibacterial soap and wash your hair. Before you fall asleep, clean of all of the polish found on your fingernails and toenails – you don't know how many unhealthy chemicals are found in the standard nail polish.

Plastic surgery is one of the most common endeavours in the world today. It is something that is done by all ages and for a wide array of reasons. Whatever the case, you must ensure that you have followed all of the suggestions put forward by your surgeon and have gone through all of the necessary preparations prior to your surgery. After it is done, you'll be a new person.

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